There is a variety of things to do in the Ahuriri Conservation Park and at the Lodge – here are just some of them …


The Ahuriri River is internationally renowned for fishing. The season for the upper Ahuriri River runs from the first Saturday in December until the 30th April. The bag limit is two fish. From the upper Ahuriri to Longslip Station, the river is fly and spin fishing only (Ben Avon Wetlands is fly fishing only). Rainbow (Oncorhyncus mykiss) and Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) are both present in the river.

Tracks and walks

The park offers numerous short walks and easy valley tramps. More experienced parties can travel between valleys over high alpine passes. There are also a number of mountain bike tracks.

Horse riding

It is fairly easy to circumnavigate the Upper Ahuriri valley on horseback, a great way to enjoy the spectacular mountain views.


Most peaks bordering the Ahuriri Valley offer interesting climbs. Mt Stafford, Peterson and Maitland are all a straightforward scramble in summer. A more serious objective is Mt Barth which is reached via Canyon Creek. Mts Heim and Rigel can also be climbed from around Canyon Creek. The highest mountain, Mt Huxley (2505 m) offers several moderate and technical routes for the experienced mountaineer.


Red deer, chamois and thar are all found in the park in low numbers. Chamois are more often found in scrubby bluffs and gullies above the bushline. Thar have reacted to aerial hunting by avoiding open country and now spend much of their time in bluff systems and in the scrub zone.

Other places to visit

Ben Avon wetland is right beside Birchwood Road. You can get a good overview of the wetland and wildlife just from your car. A further 4 km up the road are information panels and seating with a stunning view of the river valley and mountains beyond.

Ohau Moraines wetland complex – vast area of red tussocklands, wetlands, rolling moraines and an outwash flat with views of surrounding mountains.

Spring Creek – tussockland and carex wetland. Read about Benmore Range & Springs Creek